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How a traffic ticket impacts your license and auto insurance

You might think that receiving a traffic ticket is just an annoyance. Perhaps you were only going 10 miles over…

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Study results suggest divorce affects mental health

When a North Carolina married couple determines that their relationship is no longer viable, they may decide to go their…

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Sitcom star Tisha Campbell talks about financial implications of divorce

Like everyday residents of North Carolina or elsewhere, celebrities who are married and are parents often encounter challenges in their…

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Divorce: When marital misconduct is an issue

The average North Carolina spouse intends for his or her marriage to last a lifetime. Divorce is a reality in…

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Criminal defense: 2 men being held in a county jail

Bonds of $500,000 were reportedly set for two men who are facing serious drug charges in North Carolina. Both arrests…

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North Carolina man facing serious drug charges

North Carolina police have leveled some hefty allegations against a man they say has been supplying illegal drugs to the…

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3 career-related reasons to pursue an expungement

You have worked hard to put together an impressive resume. While you are certain prospective employers will appreciate your education,…

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Should your child custody plan include virtual visitation?

When a pair of North Carolina parents file for divorce, they must resolve any number of issues pertaining to their…

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DWI: Things that cause false positive breath tests

If a North Carolina police officer makes a traffic stop, it might have something to do with suspecting a driver…

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Criminal defense: How prepared are you for a field sobriety test?

When a North Carolina police officer makes a traffic stop, it sometimes leads to a suspected drunk driving arrest. Before…

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Child Support: Things to know, especially if remarriage is a factor

Working out an agreement for child custody and other important issues in divorce can be challenging for North Carolina parents.…

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Miranda rights: An integral component of criminal defense

Ernesto Miranda is the name of the person whose criminal case in 1966 resulted in a U. S. Supreme Court…

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