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Do you know the different post-divorce parenting models?

During a divorce, the court acts to ensure that your children spend time with both parents to forge healthy emotional…

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Is deferred prosecution an option for you?

If you are a first-time offender, you are likely worried about how a conviction will impact your future. A criminal…

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Using your divorce as an opportunity

Divorce often gets a bad rap for causing financial hardship and disrupting plans for the future. However, what you may…

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Can a DUI impact your college options?

A DUI conviction could have long-lasting and far-reaching impacts that you may not consider when faced with the threat initially.…

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3 tips for telling the kids about divorce

One of the largest challenges with getting divorced for many parents involves breaking the news to their children. For any…

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Shoplifting may lead to misdemeanor or felony charges

North Carolina’s General Statutes classify shoplifting as a theft or larceny offense. Based on the value of goods allegedly taken,…

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Focusing on your health following a divorce

While divorce may be the healthiest answer for your marriage, it is not always easy. Despite being the best decision…

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Common questions about expungement

A criminal record can make life very difficult. Background checks are standard for most employers, lenders and rental agencies, making…

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