Focusing on your health following a divorce

Griffin Law, PLLC
Jan 14, 2022

While divorce may be the healthiest answer for your marriage, it is not always easy. Despite being the best decision you can make, you may still suffer from feelings of depression and other adverse health effects.

To remain healthy following a breakup, you need to accept what happened to move on.

Accepting your feelings after a divorce

To focus on your health, you need to accept that divorce is painful. If you cannot accept your negative emotions, you may have difficulty recovering over time. Let yourself talk about how you feel. While you should not bring your feelings about your ex-spouse up to your children, seek out friends and family who may understand. Sharing the burden allows you to grieve.

Moving on after a divorce

Your divorce will impact your life in numerous ways. You no longer have the partner you once relied on, you may be splitting substantial assets and sharing custody of your children. Protecting your interests is not selfish but instead critical to your future. Even in an uncontested divorce, the process is long and complex.

To pull yourself out of the rut divorce may put you in, take care of yourself. Use healthy food and physical activity to boost your energy and moods. If you have children, you and your spouse may still contact one another. Try to avoid negative patterns of behavior. For example, limit phone conversations if you and your spouse fight every time you talk on the phone.

Focusing on your health means prioritizing your mind and body. Reconnect with your interests and move forward with your life.

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