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How much does a North Carolina DWI raise your insurance?

A North Carolina conviction for Driving While Impaired leads to severe penalties, some of which may impact your ability to…

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Can you relocate with your children after a divorce?

After you divorce, you might want nothing more than to move far away from your ex. Unfortunately, this reason alone…

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How can you parent your children with a narcissist?

Co-parenting is a struggle for most parents. Co-parenting can feel like even more of a hurdle when you have a…

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Activist pushback criticizes North Carolina marijuana bill

As more states grapple with their stance on marijuana, there are results where certain restrictions incentivize different outcomes. This remains…

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How will a traffic ticket affect me?

Even the best drivers make mistakes. While non-moving violations have a minimal effect on your life, moving violations may come…

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Should your custody plan have a refusal clause?

Sharing custody of children after a divorce can be difficult. After all, according to Psychology Today, parents typically have one…

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What can a plea bargain do?

When presented with a plea bargain, many people may feel tempted to take it right away without actually understanding what…

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Should you use your Miranda rights?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where the police arrest you and wish to interrogate you, they will…

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Is joint custody as good as it seems?

Over the years, joint custody – also called shared custody, joint parenting or co-parenting – garnered a reputation for serving…

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Should you beware of hidden assets?

Asset hiding has existed alongside divorces for as long as property division itself. While it is not guaranteed everyone will…

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Do charges ever disappear from your record?

In North Carolina, charges do not disappear from your record after a certain amount of time. You have to actively…

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Hidden assets and divorce

For some couples, the division of their shared property and finances is the most contentious aspect of their divorces. Despite…

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