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Did your spouse abandon you?

Over time, one or both spouses may realize that their relationship is no longer healthy and mutually agree to divorce.…

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How can marital misconduct affect your divorce settlement?

Marital misconduct involves any unacceptable behavior during the marriage that is enough to end it. Examples of marital misconduct in…

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Do you qualify for an expungement?

An expungement is a legal process to remove a criminal charge or conviction from your record. The purpose of this…

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Is mediation required for child custody and visitation cases?

  Divorce and other cases could require couples to undergo various procedures depending on the circumstances. It is true more…

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Does a parent’s education level affect child custody?

Divorce courts generally take the issue of child custody very seriously. The judge will likely examine your qualities and background…

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Five defense strategies against shoplifting cases

Shoplifting, a common crime that involves stealing goods from retail stores, has serious legal consequences. When caught, individuals may face…

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Are you a victim of identity theft?

Identity theft is a felony offense when someone steals your identifying information pretending to be you for their economic gain.…

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Navigating custody issues when relocating with your child

It is understandable that if marriage does not work for you and your spouse, it will be easier to move…

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Do police have a right to search your vehicle?

There are many misconceptions regarding police traffic stops that can result in people incriminating themselves. For example, you have no…

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Why do commercial drivers have a higher BAC limit?

The law expects every driver to know they should not get behind the wheel if they have alcohol in their…

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How do courts decide the equitable distribution of marital assets?

In a divorce, parties will have to touch on different issues, such as alimony or child custody and support. One…

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Visitation guidelines in North Carolina

Custody cases cover many important issues affecting the child, one of which is visitation rights and schedules. Here are things…

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