3 career-related reasons to pursue an expungement

Griffin Law, PLLC
Oct 21, 2020

You have worked hard to put together an impressive resume. While you are certain prospective employers will appreciate your education, skills and experience, you may also have some concern about a criminal conviction in your past.

In North Carolina, it is possible to expunge some criminal convictions. Through the expungement process, you effectively remove your conviction from your criminal record. If you qualify for an expungement, your career prospects may improve in at least three ways.

1. Pass a criminal background check

Pre-employment screenings that include criminal background checks are exceedingly common. In fact, about 84% of employers research criminal records before extending offers of employment. If you cannot pass a background check because of a criminal conviction, you may miss out on your dream job.

2. Avoid an awkward interview

Even if your criminal conviction is not enough to disqualify you from a position, it may come up during an interview. Instead of using your limited interview time to talk about your qualifications, you may have to address the criminal conviction. Naturally, doing so may be awkward.

3. Obtain a professional license

If you want to work as a doctor, lawyer, nurse or another type of professional, you need a license. Many licensing bodies, though, conduct criminal background checks. If you are not able to pass one, you may be equally unable to work in your preferred field.

Neither everyone nor every criminal conviction qualifies for an expungement. Still, if you fear your criminal history may make it difficult to obtain a professional license or land a lucrative position, exploring your expungement options is probably a worthwhile endeavor.

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