North Carolina man facing serious drug charges

Griffin Law, PLLC
Oct 27, 2020

North Carolina police have leveled some hefty allegations against a man they say has been supplying illegal drugs to the community. The Harnett County Sheriff’s Department made a statement on a recent Wednesday saying the man in question had a large amount of fentanyl in his possession. They also accused the man of supplying a number of other illegal drugs as well. The accused individual is no doubt focused on preparing his criminal defense to the formal charges.

Investigators say they believe the man they arrested has been a supplier of heroin and crystal methamphetamine as well as fentanyl, allegedly distributing the drugs throughout various counties in the region. The investigation included numerous traffic stops where officers say they seized nearly $500,000 in cash in addition to substantial amounts of suspected illegal drugs and several firearms. The accused man now faces numerous charges, including drug trafficking and maintaining a vehicle for the purpose of distributing controlled substances.

The man is currently incarcerated in a county detention center. The court has set a $2 million bond in this case. An investigator who spoke to reporters said he expects additional charges to be filed against the defendant.

When a North Carolina police officer makes an arrest, especially one pertaining to suspicions of illegal drug activity, it activates the adjudication process. Every defendant is guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense in court. Facing criminal charges does not necessarily mean a conviction will be handed down. Most defendants request legal representation as soon as possible because they understand that an experienced criminal defense attorney can help them obtain as positive an outcome as possible.

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