Activist pushback criticizes North Carolina marijuana bill

Griffin Law, PLLC
Nov 11, 2022

As more states grapple with their stance on marijuana, there are results where certain restrictions incentivize different outcomes. This remains the same whether state legislators insist on restricting marijuana, opening it up for medical use or fully legalizing it for recreational adults.

As ABC 13 News reports, activists in favor of North Carolina’s legalization efforts worry that the current senate bill may stifle local engagement.

North Carolina’s marijuana conditions

North Carolina remains one of the 13 states that have yet to legalize medical marijuana. Companies like Miracle Grow and Green Thumb have taken their place outside as major corporate suppliers in the medical marijuana industry.

While marijuana legalization is the end goal of many activists, concerned residents believe that the NC Compassionate Care Act incentivizes monied interests rather than North Carolinian farmers and local companies.

The Senate bill passed and is on its way to the House. The report mentions that no sponsor responded to questions.

North Carolina’s current stance on marijuana

While senators and delegates determine the legality of marijuana, it remains illegal in North Carolina until something passes. Anyone facing allegations of marijuana possession may wish to know the potential penalties.

Adults charged in possession of up to 1.5 ounces face a misdemeanor with up to 45 days of incarceration and a fine of $1,000. Anything more is a felony with months or years of incarceration on the line.

Drug allegations pose serious risks to the futures of North Carolinians. Even 45 days of incarceration may cause damage to reputations, job prospects or emotional states. Anyone facing these charges may wish to investigate their case further to form a proper defense.

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