How will a traffic ticket affect me?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Nov 07, 2022

Even the best drivers make mistakes.

While non-moving violations have a minimal effect on your life, moving violations may come with big changes to both your driving record and insurance rates.

Driving record

The state of North Carolina has a fairly straightforward point system. If you accrue 12 points within three years, your license gets suspended for 60 days. If you continue to rack up points, the consequences grow in severity. Three or more suspensions result in a one-year suspension. The type of offenses also factors into building up points. A serious situation, such as a hit and run with an injury or fatality, results in immediately gaining 12 points. The state does offer classes that may allow you to remove some points.

Insurance rates

Along with DMV points, you also have to deal with insurance points. These points easily get complicated to figure out. Insurance companies use this system to determine your risk level. Unlike driving points, these points also get doled for at-fault accidents and other incidents that have resulted in a claim. While the state regulates the point system, the rate increase percentage differs by the insurer. In some instances, a speeding ticket that results in one violation point may equate to a 25% rate increase. Since these points stay on your record for three years, incurring additional points may result in exponentially higher rates.

While avoiding traffic violations offers the best solution, life does happen. Knowing that it may come at a high price may help you stay more focused on good driving.

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