What can a plea bargain do?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Oct 15, 2022

When presented with a plea bargain, many people may feel tempted to take it right away without actually understanding what it entails.

Do plea bargains have any negative effects? Are they right for everyone? What exactly can they do, anyway?

Potential positives

The American Bar Association discusses plea bargains. These bargains occur when the defendant makes a deal, usually in order to get a lesser sentence or to be charged with fewer or less severe crimes. This often comes in exchange for something else, such as testifying against another party in the case.

Plea bargains have both positives and potential negatives. As far as positives go, it is a good way to get a lesser sentence due to facing fewer or less severe charges. This often means lower financial penalties or a shorter stay in jail. It also benefits the justice system as a whole, as it allows the court to push more cases through.

Potential negatives

However, many people believe that plea bargains can infringe on a person’s rights. If someone is innocent, they may feel pressured to lie and claim guilt in order to get a plea bargain. Others might stick by their innocence and refuse a plea bargain, thus suffering from a worse penalty than if they had potentially lied and said they were guilty.

The potential benefits of a plea bargain differ from situation to situation. A person needs to examine their own carefully before making any decisions about whether or not taking a plea bargain would be a benefit or a potential mistake.

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