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Tips for looking for work with a criminal record

If you have a criminal record, you might find it harder to find employment, especially in certain fields. Therefore, it…

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What constitutes marital misconduct in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a no-fault divorce state, meaning you or your one-time partner should be able to initiate a divorce…

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Property division in North Carolina

When couples divorce in North Carolina, they must divide shared debts and property according to the state’s equitable distribution standards.…

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How a traffic ticket impacts your license and auto insurance

You might think that receiving a traffic ticket is just an annoyance. Perhaps you were only going 10 miles over…

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How deferred prosecution helps a first-time offender

The word criminal often induces a stereotypical image in the mind of a hardened person with no conscience or regret…

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Traffic offenses and driving privileges in North Carolina

Traffic laws are in place for the protection of all parties on the road. Those who disobey these laws may…

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How can a prenuptial agreement help me if I am getting married?

If you are thinking about getting married in the Statesville and Mooresville areas, the one thing you should not overlook…

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Why you should fight for the custody schedule you want

If you are going throw a rough divorce or engaging in a bitter custody battle with your ex-partner in North…

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Consequences of a traffic ticket in North Carolina

When you receive a traffic ticket, you may not think it is a big deal. After all, almost everyone gets…

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Property division in a North Carolina divorce

People who plan to divorce must deal with a number of issues. Who gets what in the split ranks as…

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3 factors that affect child custody decisions

One issue that you may not think about right away when filing for a divorce is child custody. Many people…

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What happens during a DWI stop

Getting stopped on suspicion of DWI can be a stressful experience. Understanding what happens and why can help you stay…

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