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How can you reduce stress during a divorce?

Feeling tired and overwhelmed while in the middle of a divorce is a common problem many people have. However, when this stress starts to interfere with your daily life, then it may be time to find a better way to handle it. Give yourself time According to...

Property division in North Carolina

When couples divorce in North Carolina, they must divide shared debts and property according to the state's equitable distribution standards. Equitable distribution means the division must be fair, but that does not have to mean a 50/50 split. Review the factors that...

Is it too early to tell your child about divorce?

After deciding that a divorce is the right choice for you, what next? You will need to prepare yourself for the emotional and legal hurdles any divorcee would face. But as parents, you must also consider your child. One of the first questions you must ask is: When...

What are the benefits of uncontested divorce?

Divorce is commonly associated with high levels of stress and endless disputes. However, couples who go through the process uncontested have a far better experience. While it is not possible for everyone, it is in your best interest to try for an uncontested divorce....

Study results suggest divorce affects mental health

When a North Carolina married couple determines that their relationship is no longer viable, they may decide to go their separate ways. Filing for divorce is typically the first in a series of life-changing decisions. While a major life change might be intentional and...

Divorce: When marital misconduct is an issue

The average North Carolina spouse intends for his or her marriage to last a lifetime. Divorce is a reality in many households, however, and any number of issues may cause a breakdown in a relationship, including marital misconduct. There are several types of...

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