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Sharing parental responsibilities after divorce

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Jul 27, 2018 |

One of the challenges parents in North Carolina may have to face after divorce is that of co-parenting. However, even if the divorce was acrimonious, it is important for ex-spouses to respect one another in their parental roles. A structured parenting schedule may help with…

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Steps to creating a workable parenting schedule

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Jul 12, 2018 |

Divorcing parents in North Carolina will need to create a parenting schedule for custody and visitation. It is important that parents make this schedule child-focused because it shows children that their parents are working together toward their best interests. When creating the schedule, parents should…

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Can I get an old charge or conviction erased?

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Jul 05, 2018 |

Under North Carolina law, all criminal charges could remain on a person’s record indefinitely, including pending charges, convictions, Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) and even dismissed charges. However, while a criminal charge cannot be removed automatically, it may be erased if it’s eligible for expungement.…

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